If you’re one of the millions of students attending community college this year, REA has the perfect Accuplacer test prep for you—Bob Miller’s Math for the. The beginnings — Arithmetic we must know — The power of exponents — The most radical chapter of all — Vital basics of algebra — Equations and inequalities . Bob Miller’s Math Prep for the ACCUPLACER® Test Gets You a High Score! Updated Second Edition Bob Miller has taught math to thousands of students at all.

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Library Locations and Hours. Students at all learning levels will benefit from this comprehensive college placement test prep. The book explains math concepts in bobb lively, easy-to-grasp style.

Each chapter includes step-by-step examples and exercises. Detailed explanations of solutions help you understand and retain the material. Test-taking advice, study tips, and exam strategies prepare you for milleer day, ease your anxiety, and help you boost your score. He is the author of the widely acclaimed “Clueless” series and hasnbsp;developed several math test preps for REA.

Thank you for using the catalog. Bob Miller’s math for the Accuplacer: The beginnings — Arithmetic we must know — The power of exponents — The most radical chapter of all — Vital basics of algebra — Equations and inequalities — Words and word problems — Two or more unknowns — Points, lines, and more — All about angles and triangles — Other two-dimensional figures — Circles, circles, circles — All about three-dimansional figures — More algebraic topics — All about trig — Topics that don’t fit in anywhere else — Practice tests.


Mathematics — Examinations — Study guides. Educational tests and measurements — Study guides.

Bob Miller’s Math for the Accuplacer: All the Math You Need for a Higher Score by Bob Miller

You are about to begin college, a new and exciting time in your life! This book is written to properly place you in your college math course at the right level.

This book will supply you with the material you need to succeed on the Accuplacer. This is a computer-adaptive test CATwhich means you are in front of a computer.

The computer will ask you a question. Using paper and pencil, you figure out the answer. You must enter an answer, and you may not change your choice. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. A correct answer will accpulacer you a more difficult next problem. A wrong answer will give you an easier one. If you do not know an answer, try to eliminate one or more wrong choices. You must answer each problem before continuing.

In this way, no two people matth the exact same test.

Bob Miller’s Math for the Accuplacer: All the Math You Need for a Higher Score

The dangers in taking a CAT test are that you will make careless or nervous mistakes and get too low a placement, or you will guess too many answers correctly and get too high a placement. If you think you placed too low, most colleges will retest you if you ask.

If you place too high, you do not have to accept the placement. After all, you are paying for your education! You may want to try the practice tests more than once.


If you take the tests and do poorly, you might need to review more than you thought. Gor Accuplacer format is multiple choice. However, the chapter tests in this book are not multiple choice so that you mth truly see if you can do the problems. Sometimes you can get an answer jath looking at the choices.

When you practice, you want to make sure you can do the problem. You may find that this book is more than just a test prep. This book actually reviews virtually all the topics you need to prepare for precalculus and calculus.

If you have any weaknesses, this book will really help to correct them. You may find some topics written in ways to clear up problems you had or didn’t know you had in high school math. Good luck in college and in your future! Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Bob Miller’s math for the Accuplacer : all the math you need for a higher score

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