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Bienvenido Santos Nobody noticed the teacher as he stood among the members of the high school faculty that early Monday morning after the flag ceremony. The usual fifteen-minute program bases on the theme-this morning the theme was loyalty-followed the brief ritual of raising the colors atop a tall pole in front of the high school building. It was a freshmen program. Then a youth gave a brief talk on loyalty.

The program was climaxed by the patriotic pledge, recited slowly and in unison. The new teacher was impressed. He said he like it-the song, even the speech, everything. And the other teachers smiled and talk briefly to one another as they watch the first period classes file down, the corridors in orderly fashion.

A sudden quiet fell on the class as everybody stared at the new teacher. The class was particularly bright section, especially in English. Fred, the leader, was president of the class. He wrote perfect themes and walk with a limp. He was fond of short stories and short girls like Conchita. Conchita was a candidate for valedictorian. She knew all the rules in grammar, but somehow or other she could not write as well as Fred.

It was said that two exchange love letters that were veritable master piece. They never look at each other in class. There was other several other brilliant students. Maria, for example, who spoke like a debater and declaimed formula in mathematics; Javier, who was the extemporaneous speaker in class spite of a voice sanfos sounded like a foghorn. He had a temper of a genius. Gloria in particular thought he was a genius. She was a young girl who believed in power of music and the survival of democracy.

And there was Sion, perpetual guardian sangos a perpetually empty treasury.


Her ambition in life was to get rid of her shyness and her pimples. And there was Belen. But that remains to be proved. He did not smile when he said that. Then he calmly conducted the recitation.

And it was a quiet class, that first day. Fred did not say anything. He simply sat his biting lips meditatively. Conchita look at the teacher as if he were a difficult problem in mathematics. Biehvenido was blushing, embarrassed by his own thoughts. Maria fidgeted, and only Javier managed to talk coherently in his foghorn voice. I am an Ilocano. That afternoon the class gossiped about Mr. It was like proving their worth with a vengeance.

Torres should have been impressed, but he was not. He took it all, the sabtos lessons, as quit routinely. Often question are asked just to make him commit but he never blundered.

When he taught the shorter poems in there literature, he kept his books closed. He knew them by heart. But he did not act as if he was proud of this feat. He acts as if it were expected of him or of anybody sanhos taught the poems. That was one thing clearly wrong with him. He had no enthusiasm about anything he did.

When they studied the poem, Mr. Torres would tell them in his impersonal way that the author wrote other great poems. He would recite for memory lined from poetry. The class would listen without comprehending.

So the students who have sought to impress their teacher were themselves impressed. It was evident that Mr. Torres had mastered his subject. He had a wide background. But there was something about him and his ways that like a barrier between him and his students. He was too impersonal, too aloof, like a proud god forced to walk among the poor mortals.

What is the story of courage by bienvenido santos?

Maybe it was only indifference or preoccupation with something which he kept a secret, but nobody among those under couragw tried or cared to find out. To him laughter in classroom was a crime. The atmosphere in his class was oppressive with learning, assignments, and references. It was always a relief on the part of the students to hear the bell after 40 minutes of academic torture in the approved Torres manner.

The students asked themselves: Torres be like the other teachers-affable, pleasant, and full of humor? During the latter part of August, there were days when Mr. Torres did not report to class. His students were pleased.


Short Story Courage By Bienvenido Santos

Such occasions called for celebrations. Some of the students even hoped Mr. Torres would stay away from class even longer than a day at a time. That was how they felt about unpopular teachers, and Mr.

Torres was very unpopular. Nobody notice the change in Mr. Even the class failed to realize there was something wrong coufage the teacher. He had grown paler, and his lips were always tightly pressed as if he were enduring some lingering pain.

Everybody thought he was working hard, or was worried about his family. They heard his family had come to town. But nobody even saw his wife and children. You have about 12 days to prepare. The class was insulted. Everybody talked at the same time: The other sections had at least one month to prepare. What kind of a program can we put up after 12 days preparation?

Torres said, a stern finality in his tone. Most of the names mentioned were those boys and girls who could not carry a tune. They protest and blushed. The class was very noisy.

Torres shouted, rapping the table impatiently. Ester and Gloria will sing a duet. Fred, you will give a talk about courage. Any song you choose will do. And on the day of program I want everybody to wear white. The boys said they preferred khaki. That was all that could be said about the program now that the recitation had begun.

For all this seeming couragf, Mr. Torres took quite an interest in the program. Daily before the recitation he would ask the students how they were getting along. Maria could not get the class together for rehearsal. She kept on changing the song sntos the chorus. The class sang every song she chose without feeling. Torres asked Ester and Gloria to report for the rehearsal, the two girls said they wanted to change their song.