First published in , Do or Die served the Corps through two world wars, training America’s elite soldiers and special agents in the art of. Do Or Die: A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat [A.J. Drexel-Biddle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The timeless techniques. Results 1 – 30 of 56 Do or Die by Biddle, Drexel and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles Do or Die: A Supplementary Manual: A. J. Biddle.

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The bayonet fencer should meet such an attack by slashing at the op- ponent’s throat. He even went west, at the suggestion of his friend, the late Colonel C. But Jiu-Jitsu, they reason, not knowing a thing about it.

Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle Sr.

Parsons to command of the Fifth Marines. He keeps one going most ol the day.

He beams even- time mention is made ol these things. The Fitzsimmons side-step, once thoroughly mastered, is the surest and safest method of avoid- ing the most devastating of all boxing vie — the left jab.

Ro are various 52 methods of wielding the knife in the many respective countries where the dagger is publicly and generally recognized as a standard weapon, and the overhand guard and stroke and the underhand guard and stroke are separately characteristic to particular races and are standardized and correct.

It is with the knowledge and expe- rience so gained that he now undertakes the preparation of this manual. At close range a handiul of gravel or any handy article might be thrown at the eyes, or a hat whipped into therm Lt, Col. The gratifying results attained during that period of training created the desirability of developing this type of training fur- ther, and General Price suggested to the writer the preparation of this manual to be used as a guide in future instruction.


He boxed with the best in the world over a period of 51 years before retiring from public appear- ances at the age of Several other Savate attacks are prescribed with Jiu- Jitsu in this manual.

You can see line distinctions. By gum, we had some fights in those days. The first two inches of the blade thrust is sufficient. To turn on opponent he prepared to pivot on left foot, attack quickly. He h noted for heing kind, thoughtful, generous and gracious.

Most of them worked wdth bare ht. And immediately following his left hand grab, the defense steps in with left foot advance. Now come the very latest developments in the art of Defendu originated by the celebrated Mr. Optional preliminary punch is to solar plexus. Dewar was repeatedly applied by lhai lady in her match in Now York against the women’s world foil champion, Mrs. Blade Position As prescribed in the bayonet stance, the knife is also held with the flat side above and below, and the cutting edge facing outward to the right Figure Showing of 5 reviews.

Full text of “Do or Die () A J Biddle”

Breaking an arm is one of best Jiu-Jitsu movements. An excellent rebuttal to the Jiu-Jitsu disarmament of the pis- tol onslaught is furnished by Map Gen. Ducking or parrying are both too slow. When time does not permit the oor of the bayonet to the rifle, or when the bayonet is worn in the belt and no rifle is carriedit is prescribed to use the bayonet as a disarming weapon against die armed adversary.

A.j.viddle of on guard: And it might he added that his beloved Marines can get anything Colonel Biddle has, including his life, if they want it. The knife hold is correct when, palm down, the forefinger of the knife-holding hand en- circles the bayonet button at the handle.

Tunney was at all times merciful. A Staccato thrust is made on a left step and thrust to right of body. Wrist of adversary gripped in following outside parry. However, the bayonet is an effective and dangerous weapon when used correctly by a well-trained Marine. Charlemont’s defensive cane method. Hard blow at neck can break enemy’s collar bone.


There should never he more than three inches of the blade thrust into the body, or two inches into the throat, to insure instant withdrawal. Torrey, Colonel now retired A. S.j.biddle prescribes that a handkerchief worn in the upper left-hand coat pocket can be loaded with a few buckshot sewed, in small bulk, into one comer.

Mr figures he has schooled within the past several years, some I iiJ UOfl men in combat work. Customers who bought this item also bought. Biddle wrestled bis opponent to the ground but the Jap judges called the match a draw. The knife had its inception when Colonel Bowie broke his sword in a duel and continued his fight by closing in and killing his opponent 53 with the shortened broken blade which he still field at the hilt.

Jiu-Jitsu, he explained, is 4.

Following a pivot elbow is used to hit face. This must not be in any manner a push, but must be an actual blow T of the elbow. Turn quickly to the left, hitting the opponent’s wrist with ihe left elbow. To exe- cute the shift, a right hook is aimed at the opponent s dim; at die same time the right fool steps forward, adding speed and force to the blow. The names of the movements arc Gaelic- Roman. If you understand the concepts of real CQB.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Every Marine Ik mi D I become proficient in its use.