Mark-Anthony Turnage’s chamber opera Greek – first performed in and based on Steven Berkoff’s play – reworks the Oedipus story;. STEVEN BERKOFF. Plays One. East. West. Greek. Sink the Belgrano! Massage. Lunch. The Bow of Ulysses. Sturm und Drang. ******Created by ebook. See a bawdy, British retelling of “Oedipus Rex”. “GREEK” is a rags-to-riches story filled with sarcasm and scatological humor as only the “Bad Boy of British.

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Berkoff has made the point of expressing his opinion of Thatcher within his works. I see these Greeks sitting around the agora trying to think of the most shameful the most devastating, the most obscene things imaginable. No, we have to show the moral decline of Thatcherism! But more recently, scholars have looked stdven Berkoff’s written works, performance style and productions for the source of their writings.

Greek (1980)

Yet, they decide it is not important and they will discuss it with him at a later date: One can only imagine how Aristotle would view Stephen Berkoff’s Greek. Greek, Decadence, Sink the Belgrano!

Greeks to Grotowski Ed. The Collected Plays, Volume I.

In Greek, as well as several other of his plays, this English society is under rule of the fictional Maggot Scratcher, a character based upon the non-fictional Margaret Thatcher. In an interview with Ross Wetzsteon, Berkoff said: For over forty years, Steven Berkoff has been an ever present figure in London theatre. Dudley Fitts berrkoff Robert Fitzgerald.

steveh One such work, Greek by Steven Berkoff, not only revisited the story of Oedipus but also reinterpreted it based upon the values seen in s Thatcherist London. The ketchup container proves iconic, and Turnage scores here. There’s nothing complex about Music Theatre Wales’s new production: Mark-Anthony Turnage’s chamber opera Greek — first performed in and based on Steven Berkoff’s play — reworks the Oedipus story; Turnage was just 26 — what nerve.


He is also not morally just as seen in his dialogue and actions. Angry young man Eddy doesn’t know he’s adopted, leaves his parents, kills a man — his biological dad — in a caff, falls in love with the wife his mum.

Greek – review

By solving the riddle, Eddy has killed the sphinx and ended the plague. Act Two begins with a decade passed. Carr and Arthur M. Order by newest oldest recommendations. By using Thatcher as a character in his works, Berkoff historicalises an era in British history, and in Greek connects the modern with the ancient.

In one chapter, he discussed his views of the necessary qualities in a great tragic hero. Eddy then leaves home to stop the zteven affecting his family, poverty. Eddy proves himself to be very different from Oedipus. His most poetic language was seen in the love scenes between Eddy and Wife.

Herkoff gains wealth, travels around the world, and is ever devoted and in love with his wife. His passion for life is inspired by the love he feels for gree woman, and his detestation of the degrading environment he inherited. Who better to discuss the reasoning and theory behind the creation of Greek than Steven Berkoff himself?

Director Michael McCarthy handles the wteven trajectories well, grreek the early onslaught hit out, so that the audience needs the tenderness of Eddy’s and his wife-to-be’s first love; her almost ecstatic hymning of him is as to a child.

Wife specifically named Greek gods in this scene: Eddy seeks to reaffirm his beliefs and inculcate a new order of things with his vision and life-affirming energy. In addition to interviews with Berkoff by Ross Wetzsteon and Mark Steyn, the paper will conclude by bringing Berkoff’s writings, modern investigation and ancient theories together to analyze Greek and its connection to Oedipus Rex.

Conductor Michael Rafferty brings out both violence and lyricism, with Turnage’s instrumental colouring wonderfully realised. Yet in the end, Eddy does not reach the same conclusion as his Grecian counterpart. After a brief synopsis of the text, more analysis will be made of Berkoff’s revisitation ssteven the work.


Knight, Deborah From the Libido to Identity: Dramatic Theory and Criticism: Studies in Literary Criticism and Theory. With the piece ensemble hogging space behind, action is at the front of stage, an England flag draped on the podium.

Berkoff, Steven Free Association. Berkoff painted a berkooff of a dismal society where morals were non-existent, violence consumed the streets, and the upper-class remained wealthy while the lower-class remained poor.

The act ends with Mum and Dad questioning if they should have told Eddy that he is not their son. Other playwrights strayed from such negative topics, and instead tried to show the good that existed in society.

InSigmund Freud connected the play with one of his psychoanalytic theories. This is the first essay I have written fully-devoted to Berkoff, but I have also discussed his work Sink the Belgrano!

As previously mentioned, Aristotle laid out the rules of tragic theatre theory in Poetics. Oedipus found a city in the grip of a plague and sought to rid the city of its evil centre represented by the Sphinx. Yet, there was one element from the classic tragedy that did not fit with Bedkoff retelling.

Greek (play) – Wikipedia

The ending put a modern twist on the legend, as well as made a statement about the state of a selfish society. Berkoff’s approach to Greek, as well as all his theatre, mixed the ideas of Artaud with the Greeks and Shakespeare. Act one begins with Eddy explaining his humble beginnings within a blue-collar family in the London borough of Tufnell Park.

The desensitized audience that Berkoff wrote Greek for could relate to the Oedipus plot with its modern connections.