The Mantario Trail is a multipurpose trail in southeastern Manitoba. It is 63 kilometers long and Mantario Trail conditions reports and maps (GPS, topographical) · Manitoba Naturalists Society · Nature Manitoba – Mantario · More trail. All hikers should use a copy of the official Manitoba Conservation Mantario Hiking Trail map (available online and in stores) for planning and navigating their . Mantario Trail, 66 km, 41 miles, about 4 days. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Find walking maps and.

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These metal storage boxes can usually be found along the same path that leads to the latrine.

A wildfire in burned an area that the southern part of the trail passes through — from north of the first railway tracks up through Caribou Lake campsites as far as the South end of Marion Lake. Here is a map showing the area the fire affected.

We ate in our tents, ran out in the rain to put our food in the bear box and fell asleep soon after. This is a trail designed for experienced and well-prepared backpackers. Time for a swim and a break. Relatively recently about years ago it was carved and scraped out by the most recent ice age. South Whiteshell Whiteshell, Manitoba. September is generally considered the best time to hike the trail due to lower water levels, cooler temperatures and less bugs.

A wooden sign marks the turn north after following the old logging road from the parking lot. We filled up our water and pressed forward.

The end of the primary portage has some interesting plants, along with more poison ivy. Middle sections of the trail can be accessed mantarioo canoe and portagesbut there are no roads that access the trail other than at the trailheads. Direction Trail Flow Color. South Trailhead on Google Maps. Of course, the map is a must-have item for anyone planning to hike the Mantario.


Trip to Mantario

After the dam a climb leads to the best viewpoint on the trail. Heading down into Olive lake there is a steep descent – watch your feet and go carefully. The Mantario is a wilderness hiking trail, covering an extended distance and a wide range of terrain. This is one of the common camp sites between between the Mantario canoeing and hiking trial.

All trip information is accurate to our knowledge at the time of posting, and provided for informational purposes only. The Mantario trail is the epitomy of Manitoba.

Just for a car key swap yo get back to entry? Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. Survey marker Shortly after the marker the trail crosses a final set of train tracks.

Wind damage, wildfire, and flood have led to sections of the trail being closed in and This page provides an interactive map and some interesting botanical side notes about the trip to Mantario and the day hike that is often taken. Maantario trail is located in the Precambrian Shield mwp also sometimes referred to as the “Canadian Shield”.

Day and overnight hikers can head either east or west, towards the two Caribou Lake campsites. Wooden bridge Congratulations on finishing Manitoba’s longest hiking trail!

North Trailhead on Google Maps. On the steep section look for wild onions and smooth sumac. While hiking in me and two friends met up with a fairly large pack of wolves at the top of a granite ridge. Reza Gholami recorded Mantario Trail. Trail is well marked but challenging. This portage, in my opinion, should be renamed to ‘onion’ portage because of the abundance of onions on the south mantaril section overlooking Three Lake. After eyeing us for several minutes they ran off in the opposite direction.


The next portage, after lunch, into One Lake is the shortest of the whole lot. On the shore of Big Whiteshell Wooden bridge Continuing around the border of the lake you will pass a rusted out old car just before reaching a gravel road at Crowduck Lodge.

Mantario Trail Hiking Guide

Losing the trail will likely happen at some point. Bring your bear spray as encounters are not unusual. Depending mntario water levels the trail may be wet in sections as it hugs the shore of the lake. There are many opportunities to fill your water along the shore of the lake, and several unofficial campsite spots popular with boaters. Enjoy a nice hot sauna and swim. From Peggy to Olive was gruelling. If you mabtario out or don’t want to carry more than necessary take the turnoff to the Ritchey Lake campsite to refill your bottles – however be aware that a round trip to and from this pretty little campsite will add nearly a kilometre to your total hike.

I am sure I am forgetting a few things and everyone has their own list depending on how much they are willing to carry or fore-go. Every year it is a new adventure. All hikers should use a copy of the official Manitoba Conservation Mantario Hiking Trail map available online and in stores for planning and navigating their hike. There is also plenty of jewel weed found along the boardwalk.

Cell reception is still very patchy along this route, and non-existant for long sections.